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Your translation agency for authorities, private individuals, and businesses

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Guul Translations is your trustworthy partner for high-quality translation and interpreting services. Whether in Giessen, Frankfurt, or throughout Germany, we offer you comprehensive language solutions to convey your message clearly and precisely in various languages.

Welcome to Guul Translations – your professional translation office in Giessen, Frankfurt & throughout Germany.

Our services cover two essential areas: oral and written communication. For oral occasions such as conferences, business meetings, or events, our experienced interpreters are ready to ensure smooth communication between languages and authentically convey your message.


On the other hand, our professional translators focus on the precise written translation of documents, content, and texts. Whether it's legal documents, marketing materials, or technical texts, we ensure that all information is understandable and grammatically correct.


Box links: Interpreting (oral language translation)

Our interpreters enable clear intercultural communication for various occasions.


Box rechts: Our translators precisely translate documents and content into the desired language.

Our Services

Our interpreters facilitate clear intercultural communication for various occasions.

Interpreter (oral language transmission)



Translations (written language transfer)

Our translators accurately transfer documents and content into the desired language.

Your benefits with Guul Translations

We place the highest value on accurate and understandable translations.



Experienced specialized translators and interpreters across various fields and languages.

Expertise & Language Diversity

Reliable adherence to schedules and deadlines.



Easy scheduling via our user-friendly tool.

Online Booking Tool for Interpreting Services

Use our user-friendly upload tool to effortlessly submit documents for translations and proofreading.

Document Upload


Tailored services to meet your specific requirements.



We offer you a 24-hour service and are available to you around the clock by phone.



Good Reasons for Collaboration

With Guul Translations, you have a partner by your side who passionately takes care of all your linguistic needs. Whether it's oral transmission or written translations, we offer you tailored solutions that effectively support your communication and clearly convey your message.

Your reliable translation office for all linguistic challenges

Contact us today

Are you looking for a competent translation office in Giessen, Frankfurt, or throughout Germany? Contact us to learn more about our services and get a non-binding consultation. We are happy to help you overcome your linguistic challenges and achieve high-quality results.

Do you already have a clear assignment for us? For interpreting services, you can easily schedule through our online booking tool. Do you wish to commission a translation or proofreading/editing? Then take advantage of our document upload tool to send us the task quickly and without complications.

  • Managing Director

  • Sworn Interpreter and Sworn Translator for the Somali language

  • Strategic Corporate Focus

Abduraham Muuse Jamae

  • Managing Director

  • Marketing and Corporate Branding

Siavash Esmaily

An excellent service company. The interpreters consistently exhibit a high level of professionalism, and orders are handled with great care. Especially for official matters, I can wholeheartedly recommend this company. I encourage you to see for yourself; I can promise you'll be highly satisfied! 

- Joe J.

Very competent support with a professional approach. What stood out for me were the friendly interactions and the excellent value for money. Highly recommended.

- Bahman S.

The interpreters maintain a professional demeanor, both over the phone and in person. Appointments were kept, and the interpreter was ready earlier than expected. Much praise and recognition for this dedicated company. I would gladly use their services again!

- Yunus Ö

Customer Testimonials

Jaqueline Scheidt

  • Office Manager

  • Controlling

Dennis Waffenschmidt 

  • Intern

Jan-Philipp Stephany

  • Office Management

  • Customer Support

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